MMS Greetings Cards are the Next Generation

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Published: 12th November 2010
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Mms greetings card are the next generation from the sms (short message service). Mms means multimedia messaging service and it is the evolution of sms. Sms could only handle 160 characters and with mms the number of character is unlimited so you can send pictures from the cell phone or a different complex graphical or audio mms greetings card to another cell phone.

The way this works is that the sender must have a compatible mms cell phone and when they choose an mms greetings card the message goes to an mms center which adjusts the message and the picture so they can be received. If the receiving phone is not an mms compatible cell phone then the receiving party will get a plain text message on their phone with instructions to pick up the mms card on the computer via the internet.

This is about the same as when you send an e-card from your home computer. They are sometimes referred to as m-cards instead of e-cards. You can order stock cards from an internet greeting card company or send your own pictures in this format and then you can add a verbal greeting or a test greeting to the picture on the mobile phone.

Because the number of characters is unlimited on an mms format you can send just about anything that can be considered a card. This is really limited only by your imagination. You can send animations, cards with figures or pictures that donít move and you can even send a video if your mobile phone is capable of doing this.

This is a great way to stay in touch with your friends and family and because it is so simple to use and send them you can do it frequently. Make sure your mobile phone service and your mobile phone allows you send and receive the mms so you will not be charged additional fees when you do send some of these cards. Of course the e-cards from your mobile may have a cost associated with them or you may have to pay a yearly membership fee to be able to access the cards.

On some of the websites you can choose an e-card background that is fairly plain or maybe with a symbol of love or some other symbol then you simply add the text that you want to send with the card. In some cases you can send an e-card from your computer to a mobile phone or it can be mobile phone to mobile phone. Sometimes you will be billed for the service and the card directly on your mobile phone bill when you receive it.

You can also choose animated e-cards to send whether they are humorous or inspirational or for a birthday or a special day or even as cheerful good morning they are very easy to send when ever you want to send them. Just do it on you mobile phone for a direct mobile to mobile phone greeting card.

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